Welcome to the site, A Hop Through History: The SUNY Canton Story! This site is run by the SUNY Canton College Archives, and is responsible for bringing the history of the College to life through words, photographs, and augmented reality.

This site was created to enhance the A Hop Through History tour, hosted on our Historypin site. The tour takes you on a virtual and/or walking tour of Old Campus, and will eventually be expanded to include our current location along the banks of the Grasse River.  Please take advantage of the ability to view multiple photographs of the campus buildings, their exteriors and interiors, as well as photographs of prominent campus events and individuals.  All photographs are located and preserved in the SUNY Canton College Archives in Southworth Library Learning Commons.

Historypin is an amazing site that allows us to “crowdsource,” the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from the public, SUNY Canton’s archival holdings. We encourage our viewers to add information to the photographs, either on the blog or Historypin.  If you know the names of people, can supply some historical facts, or have any memories associated with the photos, please write, record, and share them in the comments section.  We want to build as much information about our collection as possible.

For further information, please stop by Southworth Library Learning Commons, or view the About Us section for contact information.

Thank you! And enjoy the tour.

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